What’s New

This section highlights recent changes. We hope these changes are helpful and we encourage you to share this information with other passengers.

• Route 34 is extending southward, providing service to the North Pointe Business Park, including Amazon, Ulta, the IRS, and other businesses. The frequency on Route 34 is also improving, now operating every 15 minutes instead of every 20 minutes.

• Route 45 is extending west to add service to Justin Garza High School and Glacier Point Middle School.

• Frequencies on Routes 3, 20, and 45, are improving and will now operate every 30 minutes, instead of every 45 minutes. That means that every route in the FAX system, except for Routes 58 and 58e, now operate at 30-minute frequencies or better.

• Free public wi-fi is now available on all FAX buses! Previously, public wi-fi was only available on Routes 1, 9, and 38.

• Construction on bus stop improvements along Shaw and Cedar on Routes 9 and 38 has been completed. FAX thanks our passengers for your patience during the construction process.

As always, thank you for riding FAX